How frequently are Caltrics internet calendars refreshed?

Apart from calendars selected on SIGN UP, the speed at which calendar events will appear (or disappear) when you change your Caltrics account calendar selection (or when we add, change or remove events), is dictated by the refresh frequency of your calendar app provider:

Apple Macs – This is controlled in your subscribed calendar settings. We suggest that it is set at every Every hour. How to change your MAC calendar auto-refresh setting

Apple iPads/iPhones – approximately every 15 minutes (or as for MACs if using iCloud)

Google Calendar – Google advises that they will appear “within 12 hours”. In practice, we see that Google refreshes subscribed internet calendars between one and three times per day.

Microsoft Outlook for Windows (installed, 2010-2019) – approximately every 15 minutes

Outlook for web ( and Microsoft 365) – approximately every 3 hours

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